From Our Founder

Skincare should be as simple as spending time with your loved ones. It should be something you look forward to doing every day. It’s in those little things we grow and we achieve that glow.

- Namrata Bajaj

I have seen skincare being a part of my life as much as anything else growing up, the ways are what have varied from time to time. Not forgetting the roots and yet keeping up with today’s ingredients give the right balance, it’s best of both worlds. And this is what we do here at Tatsa. The main goal behind Tatsa is to provide one stop solution to all your skin needs but in the easiest way.

A lot of what Tatsa has been built, comes from my own experience of phone affecting skin in the most non obvious way, because the impact is not immediate but long term. I would experience a discomfort and heaviness if I would talk on Airpods for long or working on laptop placed on my lap, I could not put a word to the experience in that moment and the more I researched the more I was interested in looking for a long-term solution.

We cannot completely avoid gadgets even if we reduce the screen time, the WIFI’s radiation itself causes a huge impact. There had to be more, and that’s what Tatsa is all about.

Tatsa embodies the true practice of ‘less is more’.

Tatsa’s true inception Began in the year 2020, right around Covid 19. After years of research by a team of skincare and pharma specialists, we came up with formulations that are ideal for all skin type in alignment with our USP – Blue Light Protection. While our research was ongoing, the team spoke with different doctors in various regions of India, and concluded (now this may come as a big shock) one of the possible reasons of skin cancer is the harmful emission of blue light from all electronic gadgets (even WIFI) surrounding us.

The pain you get after hours of earphones in your ear or waves that travel when you keep your phone in pocket for long are just few indicators of the long-term impact blue light radiation can have through and on our skin. The formula not only prevents from radiation but also works on the after effect (pigmentation, ageing, inflammation, acne, redness, soreness and more).

Our formula is patented.

AND - We are India’s FIRST Skincare brand with Blue Light Protection.

We swear by the idea of less is more, the most minimal skincare routine and yet most effective. As a conscious luxury skincare brand, we also redefine luxury by providing the highest quality ingredients with a price range that is very appealing to the Indian masses, we want to bridge a gap in the market by bringing in products that are effective and yet not heavy on pockets, because skincare should not be biased on any grounds.

Also, we are completely cruelty free!

Our products are unisex and cater to all skin types.