Why you should use Face cream with SPF in Winters, (5th one will shock you).

Why you should use Face cream with SPF in Winters, (5th one will shock you).

There is no denying that summer and SPF are BFFs. While enjoying the beach visits we keep sunscreen close to our hearts. However, when winter arrives, the same sunscreen gets lost, somewhere in the same purse. We justify not using sunscreens by claiming that our bodies are already covered under thick woolen layers. But what about the face that is out in the open, exposed to the sun? Let’s learn why you need a face cream with SPF during winters.

We have sabotaged our own skin without even realizing it over the years. Sunscreen is a protective layer for all seasons, and winter is no exception. All of the seasons have one thing in common: the sun and UV rays that are emitted. So why not provide care to your skin that works all season!
In this blog, we will explain why applying SPF to your face during the winter is now considered an essential need!

1. UVA rays

During winter, there is more UVA behind the clouds than in summer. Given that UVA rays account for 95% of all rays that reach the earth's surface, the myth of harmful UV rays not reaching us is debunked. They can enter the middle layer of your skin called the dermis and can also play a role in the formation of some type of skin cancer.

2. Ozone at its least.

The protective layer named Ozone is becoming thinner over time, which is plainly apparent at the onset of the winter season. A thin ozone layer means more UV rays’ presence. In fact, the reason we wear sunscreen in the first place in the summer eventually stands the same in winter. Since UV exposure is higher in the winter, wearing sunscreen makes perfect sense.

3. Skin Sensitivity

The winter season turns harsh on our skin turning it dry. Face Cream without SPF makes it difficult for the skin to survive. As the season not only removes natural oils from the skin but unlocks the thin layer of moisturizer as well. Adding face cream with SPF helps the skin combat sun exposure while creating a protective layer to avoid itchiness and dryness.

4. Winter Sunburn

It’s very normal to get affected by sunburns even in winter. As we know sunburns take the longest to heal, during winter it becomes more difficult as the skin is in dry condition. Face cream with conditioning ingredients can help soothe the skin.

5. Decrease the risk of cancer

As winter approaches, we tend to let down our guard, which is when deadly cancer enters the picture and causes skin damage. As we know UVA rays harm during winters no less than summer. Wearing a good Face Cream with SPF actually acts as a barrier to protect skin from such harmful diseases.

6. A step toward healthier skin

As we follow certain winter rituals like applying a good moisturizer, wearing woolen clothes and drinking healthy concoctions, adding SPF in your skincare is as much important. It helps to protect the skin from aging, including skin cancer, etc.


Seasons shall come and go, but sunscreen should always stay. No skin care routine can also cause fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, or simply skin redness during winters. Let us care for all your worries from here. Your all-season skincare shield is here, Tatsa Radiation face moisturizer. Bid goodbye to UV ray damage with a supple formulation containing antiseptic properties of Mogra.

Your truly caring skincare, Tatsa!


What SPF should I use this winter?

If worried about which skincare is safe? Don’t worry, Tatsa Radiation Protection face moisturizer is the perfect one for you. Keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays as well as electromagnetic radiation with Tatsa skincare - an all-season skincare product.

Why wear SPF in winter?

During winter, SPF not only protects the skin from the sun but also helps lock in moisturizing components. Tatsa skincare is here to get you all the pampering for your skin this winter. With the goodness of nature, it is here to shield your skin from harmful UV rays even for winters.

Should you wear SPF all year round?

Sun rays are harmful, whether it's summer, monsoon or winter. Skincare never harms, especially when the care is truly natural. Try Tatsa skincare and let your skin indulge in the goodness of nature every season.

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