Benefits Of Using Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Benefits Of Using Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer has turned out to be an ideal option with the current scenario. Hands are exposed to surfaces and can be a cause of spreading contagious virus. Their protection has turned out more important than ever. Usage of sanitizer is the new normal. Hence a good hand sanitizer is best to be sitting in your car or at home or in your handbag. The key ingredient in a sanitizer that helps us with protection is alcohol. Not known to many, alcohol imposes multiple side effects such as drying, itchy, cracked skin.

There are alcohol-free hand sanitizer available too. Being formulated with chemicals instead of alcohol they are helpful in protection too. But even chemicals aren’t good for our skin. How amazing it would be if sanitizer were supple in nature right?

Fortunately, there’s a product that is supple and safe for your hands. A hand cream that contains santiser, to protect you from germs and also provide nourishment. Tatsa skincare - a Made In India brand introduces handcream+sanitiser to pamper you with moisturizing care.

So apart from protection what does a moisturizing hand sanitizer really do?

Helps with dry skin

Yes, alcohol contents in sanitser leave your hand dry. But even frequent washing of hands also leads to dry skin. Using hand cream that contains alcohol-free hand sanitiser is one good solution. As it allows nourishment to go hand in hand with the protection. An easy-to-carry and efficient in nature hand cream with sanitiser can be your ideal friend for trips and picnics as well.

Say goodbye to cracks and itchiness

Change in weather affects our skin. The most common effect is losing moisture, and with such conditions using a sanitizer can lead to cracks and itchy skin. It results in being harsh on the skin and might make it worse. Choose the best hand cream that contains sanitiser to solve such issues. The gentleness of hand cream helps heal cracks resulting in getting rid of itchy effects as well.

Stay soft all time

A moisturising hand sanitiser brings along hydration to your skin. Best hand creams are curated with conditioning ingredients that stay as a barrier on your skin. The water molecules penetrate deep in your skin and keep your hands soft all the time.

Brings goodness of nature

Ingredients play a vital role in acting as a barrier and in nourishing your skin. The most favored ingredients are from nature in their natural state. Choose a moisturising hand sanitiser that brings goodness of nature for you.

Tatsa handcream is a gentle formulation of cocoa butter and shea butter that ensures younger-looking soft hands all the time. Containing sanitiser in the formulation is the key highlight of the product which helps you stay safe from germs while caring for softness of your skin.

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