Are you using a moisturizing sanitizer? It is what you are missing out on.

Are you using a moisturizing sanitizer? It is what you are missing out on.

Sanitizers have been a necessity in our recent lifestyle. Be it our home, workplace, or just a casual outing with friends, sanitizer is a must carry thing. But due to this sheer necessity, our hands undergo ample problems. The main ingredient, Alcohol tends to reflect dryness on our skin, resulting in itchiness, even causing cracks on the skin. This results in unbearable pain. So, what’s the solution?

A Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer! Yes, you heard it right! It can do wonders for your hands. Let’s have a look at how it helps!

In recent times, since the pandemic hit, everyone is using hand sanitizer for their safety. But we forget the most important part after such usage, to moisturize our hands. We don’t realize the harm done to the skin until the side effects come up on the surface. Don’t worry we have got a gentle formulation that can help us out. Say goodbye to skin issues with Tatsa skincare that contains nourishing cream along with sanitizer.

As our name says, Tatsa – The Ultimate Trueness. We believe in providing quality skincare with minimal ingredients & effective results. Our skin should get nothing more or less but what it exactly needs. We focus on the core problem of skin & create a formula that rejuvenates from within.

What does Tatsa hand cream sanitizer moisturizer do?

Tatsa moisturizing hand sanitizer has a rich formula of Cocoa butter & Shea butter to give your hands the moisture they always seek. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin cells. After the usage, you will feel your hands nourished and soft like never before. It kills 99.9% of germs resulting in your hands being clean and germ-free.

The formula of this moisturizing cream is all-natural being made with natural ingredients. The key ingredients, Cocoa butter and Shea butter have plenty of other benefits. Their moisturizing properties create a protective layer on your skin that shields the skin from dust particles and harmful bacteria.

  • Cocoa butter contains a high amount of fatty acids that help to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Cocoa butter creates a protective barrier that holds moisture thus preventing dry skin.
  • Shea butter holds healing properties, helping fight breakouts and cracks.
  • Shea butter contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that help skin soothe.

    A unique formulation that addresses all your skincare needs!

    Ingenuity at its core

    Tatsa adheres to the unique notion of a product designed with an indigenous style that fulfils all of your skincare needs in one go. We aim to deliver Clean and Green Beauty that is truly nourishing and catalyzes cellular transformation. Our product brings out the most natural look through toxin-free formulations by adding the right ingredients for your skin to reach its potential.

    We believe in “Less is More” paying attention to just what is needed. We are proud to be true to our nature while designing the product that restores balance in the body. Bridging the unique indigenous formula with contemporary technology, we create eminent toxin-free products for better skin, resulting in better You.

    So what are you waiting for..? Try the truly caring TATSA hand sanitiser today itself and observe the difference!


    Best hand sanitiser with moisturiser?

    Moisturizing skin hand sanitizer is so trending in the market. The unique solution for treating dry skin has been a buzz for quite a time and so is Tatsa. The gentle formulation is highly trending in the market for containing all-natural ingredients such as Cocoa butter and Shea butter. Try Tatsa hand cream sanitizer moisturizer and indulge in the truest care.

    Moisturising hand sanitiser for sensitive skin?

    Usually, moisturizing hand sanitizers are made for all skin types. But it highly depends on the ingredients it contains. If you have any known allergies, it is recommended to check the ingredients list properly. However, if the cream is made with a natural formula, it won’t do any harm to your skin. Tatsa hand cream sanitizer moisturizer is made with the goodness of Cocoa butter & Shea butter that provides you rash-free, supple hands.

    Are the moisturizing hand sanitizers travel-friendly?

    Tatsa hand cream sanitizer moisturizer is available in 50g size which is easily portable. Just a single pack can provide you care for your entire trip. Give yourself the truly essential care for your next trip and enjoy your explorations.

    Are the moisturising hand sanitisers costly?

    The market is filled with multiple options for you to choose from. However, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly yet effective option then Tatsa hand cream sanitizer moisturizer is the best option for you. The gentle formulation promises a supple experience and is definitely worthy!

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