Are alcohol-free sanitizers safe for babies?

Are alcohol-free sanitizers safe for babies?

We are exposed to a sudden change in terms of keeping up with hygiene. New safety norms have become a part of our lifestyle now. Yet keeping up with safety has been a major challenge for every individual.

Out of all, the little ones have been the keenest in following rules. Although safety has been a cause of restriction for them as well. One of the major concerns for parents is to keep their children safe. This has resulted in restrictions on unlimited fun, and exposure to the outdoors. Parents expose their kids to the usage of sanitisers for safety, which is harmful to an extent.

Sanitizers are available in both, alcohol as well as alcohol-free formulations. It's a known fact that - alcohol-based hand sanitizers are extremely toxic. They contain chemicals that withdraw essential oils from the skin, resulting in dryness. However, the question may arise, Does alcohol-free sanitizer pose a threat too?

Special hand sanitizers are marketed for babies and toddlers. Such products are alcohol-free in nature, but they still contain chemical compositions to act as disinfectants. Even though being FDA approved, it is advised for children to use them under parents’ guidance. Being formulated as a disinfectant, they are dangerous if swallowed.

So the question is- how should you keep your baby's hands clean? The answer is simple, stick to the traditional method of washing hands. The most efficient way to prevent the transmission of viruses is through hand wash. It has been the safest option for younger ones. Paper soaps are manufactured for easy access on outdoor visits. In case of unavailability of a bathroom, one can always help their kid with paper soaps.

Another more significant option is a homemade sanitizer. Serve the purpose of protection right at home, with natural ingredients. Ingredients such as aloe Vera gel, essential oils, alcohol-free witch hazel, along with germ destroyer can be used for preparing one. Not only does it protect your little ones from viral infections but is also safe for their skin.
One of the trusted remedies is the new-age hand cream that also contains alcohol-free sanitizer. Tatsa Handcream nourishes the skin with the goodness of cocoa and shea butter. It is formulated with supple care that keeps your babies’ hands soft while protecting them from viruses.

Pandemic has clearly disrupted our routines. In between the restlessness of staying indoors, people are becoming anxious. Parents are going out of their way to protect their little ones. Being unaware of certain side effects, they impose precautions to kids that are not safe. It is advised for parents to always consult a pediatrician for better understanding..

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